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Help a Sister Out?

The “74%: Exploring the Lives of Women Leaders in Nonprofit Careers” is a project documenting how women in the nonprofit sector lead, work and earn.  The project is based on research compiled by Peggy Morrison Outon, founder and executive director of the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management.  The 74% references the percentage of nonprofit professional roles filled by women (good!) and the fact that women generally earn 74% of what their male counterparts earn(bad!).  Further, the data seem to indicate that a female nonprofit executive’s compensation is significantly lower when working under a female board chair than that of a male counterpart working under a male board chair.

74% = 3/4  and  74%= C

Is there some point in life when women are taught that it is wrong to help another woman advance in this, or any other, sector? Is life like a scene out of the movie Mean Girls -Or is it that women are raised to mother, nurture and perhaps value other outcomes over monetary compensation? But a question remains: if women aren’t advocating for equal compensation and the value of and for other women, then who will?

The study also takes a look at how more senior nonprofit professionals are delaying retirement which, in turn, keeps younger professionals from moving up to more fulfilling roles and, in some cases, lessening their level of preparedness to do so.

Very intriguing stuff, to be sure!  Please download this podcast interview with Outon to discover what these challenges are and suggestions  on ways to make it a better environment for all 100% in the sector.


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