Keep Good Talent:Treat Equally

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It’s no secret: Burnout in the nonprofit sector tends to run high. According to a recent study from The NonProfit Times, the turnover rate for full-time employees can run from 8%- 15% (depending on organization size).  That study also shares an incredible amount of data with regard to compensation and perks– all the traditional metrics by which jobs are usually compared.

Besides those traditional metrics, however, consider the “Sense of Justice” within your workplace.

A recent Danish study on workplace depression, researched 4,500 public employees.  The employees completed questionnaires which revealed the “sense of justice” the employees’ felt in their workplace.  “Justice” in this context, refers to (a) the feeling that a manager “hears” what the employee says and (b) everyone is treated equally.

Now that doesn’t cost you much at all—and saves your organization time, effort and expense of re-training. Most importantly, it can save your good talent and help your group.