5 Minute Interview

5 Minute Interview: Anthony Pisapia

Anthony Pisapia, TechImpact

This is our take on The New York Times’ “The Corner Office” – Conversations about leadership and management. It’s a quick peek at a nonprofit leader with the intent of providing you a couple of useful tidbits to incorporate at your organization. It is also a useful way to meet someone new in the sector, who is a part of our Third Sector Today community.  

Who: Anthony Pisapia

What: Associate  Executive Director

Where: Tech Impact  

Since 2003, Tech Impact has been dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations realize the potential of technology to achieve their missions. It supplies other nonprofit organizations with current technology. It was founded by Microsoft and a small group of foundations to serve the Philadelphia area originally, and now helps organizations throughout the world.


Anthony, it often seems that career paths have a tendency to include twists and turns. How did you find your way to Tech Impact?

I was what we call “The Accidental Techie.” After college, I worked for arts-related nonprofits and I was the guy who knew how to take care of the office computer stuff. An issue at a lot of small-mid-sized nonprofits–there often isn’t someone on staff dedicated to IT. But, I grew up with a lot of exposure to, and experience with, technology.  So, I was the guy who knew how to handle the tech  issues that pop up. After that, I worked in the mortgage banking world. So, I had this rather unique combination of technology know-how, sales experience, as well as experience working in the nonprofit world. Tech Impact, at the time, was working with 30 organizations in the Philadelphia area and was looking to expand. Today we have helped more than 800 organizations with advancing their technology programs to further their missions.


What advice do you have for someone starting out in the nonprofit sector today?

Regardless of your role at an organization, I think it’s important to learn all you can about how money comes into the organization.  This is the lifeblood. Understanding more about how it works and helps in achieving outcomes will always be beneficial to you and your group.  Same holds true if you are managing people at your nonprofit. Even if they are nowhere near fundraising, it will help outcomes if everyone has an understanding of this.



TechImpact offers a variety of resources for nonprofits, including online instruction.  Check out their events calendar to see what they’ll be doing today.

Help yourself to the new book, Cloud Computing for Nonprofits, written by Executive Director, Patrick Callihan. You can order it free here.

Want to hear Anthony interviewed live? Check out the podcast on “Putting Tech to Work for your Nonprofit and Career” here.

They are also offering a free e-book covering Office 365, that you can download here.