Why Some Email Blasts Fail

Why Nonprofits Fail

Some helpful pointers from Seth Godin regarding “email blasts”

Has the term “email blast” ever made you think of a nice, warm, personal interaction with a person?  Probably not.  It sounds more like something that gets detonated and produces damage, than something that builds up goodwill and relationships.

Interested in becoming better at email? Take note of these tips:

  • You need permission, see: Permission marketing, in order to email someone.  Adding an email address to your list doesn’t constitute the relationship you’re looking for.
  • Content is king–Improve your writing and content before worrying about finding a newer/better email tool
  • A dirty list is just, well…dirty.  If you cannot take the time to review the list, ensuring the mail merge worked properly and there aren’t any blank “Dear ___” or multiple entries, then you’re just becoming a part of the problem.
  • Keep it Simple–if the reason for the email can’t be whittled down to six words, re-think your purpose.

For the complete list, visit Seth Godin’s blog here.