Tools to Stay on Top of the Latest Tech

stay on top of latest tech

As nonprofit employees, there are multiple hats we wear and various task we complete throughout the day. In order to stay on top of the latest, we need to use multiple tools, making ourselves more valuable to our organizations.

Avoid Tech Traps: Put tech to work for your nonprofit and career provides advice and tools that will help individuals stay on top of the latest tech.

Take full advantage of the cloud. The cloud is a tool that allows users to access materials anywhere at anytime. In What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Cloud Computing, Nonprofit Quarterly describes the “major advantages that survey respondents cited to using cloud computing included ease of administration, lower cost, improved collaboration, and greater data security.”

Understand Mobile. FundraisingIP states that being mobile friendly is the best way to connect to your audience and donors in Should your Non-Profit Have a Mobile App?.

Don’t be afraid of the ask. When it comes to meeting potential donors and fundraising, don’t be afraid to ask. Employees must be comfortable enough to meet with prospective donors and ask for their assistances.

Jack or Jill of trades. Don’t have just one skill or understand one piece of technology. Learn or know a little bit of everything, this can range from social media and blogging, website and servers, to administrative duties.

As an employee of the sector, continue your education and stay on top of the latest. These tools and advice will assist you to keep up with the latest and become a valuable part of your organization.

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