Fundraising: 5 Best Links

  1. Marc Pitman, The Fundraising Coach and Author, invited  Lori L. Jacobwith, Master Storyteller, Author and Trainer to Guest Post on his blog about Tips for Sharing Stories. Really useful to all of you who are actively working on “telling your ” story: [Guest Post] 7 tips for sharing stories about your nonprofit work |
  2. Can Planned Giving Prospects Reply on Your Reply Card? Some food for thought as you consider your direct mail options, from Radio Host and Planned Giving Advisor, Tony Martignetti.
  3. How Much Has Online Giving Grown? Dale Knoop, CEO of RAZ Mobile, and holder of multiple patents in the mobile space, gives a really solid overview of how much online giving has grown since that first donation-and where it’s headed-in this blog post.
  4. Don’t Count on Advisers to Suggest Charitable Giving to Wealthy Donors  According to a study, the results reported in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, wealthy clients weren’t advised to include charitable giving-even when they wanted it—in their financial strategy. The financial advisers tend to stick with financial strategies with which they are familiar. So it is up to you, dear development professional, to reach out to those donors who want to include a charitable giving element!
  5. Claire Axelrad is passionate about helping nonprofits create a culture of philanthropy for sustainability. You can always count on her to bring to light useful tips that are easy to implement regardless of organization size.  In this post, she offers up 6 Ways to Raise More Funds with Your Annual Appeal.