Nonprofit Communications: 5 Blog Tips

blogging hands

One ingredient for a successful nonprofit website is a blog. The blog page of your site can add a human, personal experience to the “brand” of your nonprofit. It can be an extension of your group’s “Story” if done right.  And blogs are also a great way to increase your site’s SEO.

5 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Visibility :

  1. Lead with keywords:  More weight is given to the first few words of your title, so get those keywords in first.  Try something like:  “Performing Arts Nonprofit : Upcoming Events”  as opposed to “Upcoming Events”
  2. Top 34 Reasons You Need to Blog: I will give you that it is gimmicky, but darn it–it is hard to ignore that including a number in a title gains attention.  More attention, means more clicks. That increases your SEO ranking over time.
  3. Connect Phrases with Colons or Hyphens: Need to include a couple of keyword phrases in your title to cast a wider net in searches?  Employ the colon or hyphen.  “Pew Study: Internet via Cell Up” calls the name of the research as well as the main takeaway.
  4. Blog and blog some more: The more content you produce, the better.  Share the fun/responsibility by delegating to your team.  Make it fun by really pairing the writer up with their area of interest/expertise.  Get creative and look further: How about a blog from a volunteer who participated in an event or one from a client who benefitted from your group’s work.
  5. Share: Don’t rely solely on visitors coming to your site, and then locating your blog page. Share new posts via social media to help drive more visitors, with similar interests, to your site.