Nonprofits and Data: You Can’t Know Too Much

  In this blog post, Jamey talks about technique number 5 – collecting “too much” data on your constituents. Read about the other techniques here. I realize that for-profits have taken quite a bit of flack lately for their unfettered tracking of all us consumers in this era of Big Data. We’ve constantly got to […]



What’s a Social Media Super User Group?

The latest installment from online marketing strategist, Emily Goodstein, introduces the concept of a Social Media Super User Group. In this podcast she explains to us what the heck that actually is…and how to use it for good! Once you’ve assembled your SUPER GROUP, you will want to leverage it for all it’s worth. And […]


5 Reasons to Consider a Revenue-Driven Model for Your Nonprofit

In a sector reliant on donor funding, nonprofit organizations commonly rely on fundraising to shore up public identity and growth. To improve and become financially stable, many organizations have moved towards revenue-driven models. Providing financial security, this approach allows nonprofits to focus on their core missions by building more diverse streams for revenue. Kevin Davis […]


Nonprofit Partner Post

Where are Your Donors?

  In today’s world, your donors are everywhere. Gone are the days when you can send them a letter or two in the mail and expect them to respond. Donors today live exceedingly busy lives and the non-profit that effectively works to ensure they are everywhere their donors are is the one that will have […]


The Most Profitable Auction, Part 1

  Your nonprofit decided to incorporate an auction at your next fundraising event…and why not? Auctions are a lot of fun, they engage your guests and a profitable auction can bring in a substantial amount of cash for your organization. Whether your organization is seasoned in fundraising auctions or just beginning with the auction-style platform, […]


Staff Accountability

  What does staff accountability mean for nonprofits? When working in the sector, we play multiple roles throughout the day. How are we each accountable for our own actions? And how do we hold each other accountable? NY Daily describes “accountability” as having to answer for ones actions in How to make employee accountability a REAL process, […]


Raise More Money

Raise More Money: Fundraising Conference

Join Third Sector Today COO, Amy DeVita, and hundreds of nonprofit leaders at AFP New Jersey’s 34th Annual Conference on Philanthropy on November 13th, 2014. Learn how to refine your ask with the morning keynote by author Laura Fredericks, and be sure to stick around for the closing keynote by former Craigslist Foundation ED, and best-selling author […]


Technology Conference

TechNow Conference Updates

  If you’ve been reading our newsletters or following us on Facebook or Twitter, you should know that Beth Kanter will be the afternoon Keynote Speaker of this meeting of philanthropic tech-loving minds to be held next week in the Pittsburgh area. For the 11th straight year, the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management is organizing this “Technology Conference […]


Passion vs. Paycheck

Why We Work For many successful nonprofit employees, the timeless mantra is “I am passionate about my work.” But what does passion mean and is it the driving force that motivates most people to work? Cal Newport, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, says following your passion is bad advice. Having a passion […]