Cyber Security Q&A: Nonprofits at Risk

Meet Chris Dufour, Cyber Security Expert Day-to-day concerns. Upcoming deadlines. Online safety? Is cyber security on your organization’s back burner? Cyber security is as important for nonprofits as businesses. Nonprofits’ online records may include personal information such as donor data, credit card numbers, and staff employment and health insurance information. What do we need to […]


Do or Don’t?: Merging professional and personal social media accounts

We’ve all got them on our Friends list: those people who go by their first name and middle name, go by their full name or a short name to throw off searchers, or even those who completely make up a name and hide behind a digital identity. But what happens when people (like me) merge […]


Voices from the Third Sector

Mobilizing An Industry To Fight Hunger

It was just five years ago that I was sitting with my father talking about the family business. It’s a moving business, actually. My great-grandfather started it over 90 years ago here in NJ. While I never wanted to actually run the business myself, I certainly had the “opportunity” to work my share of back-breaking […]


Ethical Fundraising: Study

Your input can help improve the knowledge and practice of ethical fundraising. Don’t miss your opportunity to continue to build this knowledge base. This link opens a survey being conducted, by Nonprofit Research Collaborative, that will take you less than 15 minutes to complete. Click HERE to participate When you complete the survey before August […]


Nonprofit Social Media

Add Some Social Sizzle

You’re on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe even Instagram and Pinterest. You’ve nailed the basics. But, instead of being content with what you know works, you’re ready to take it to the next level. Want to add some sizzle? Mix-and-match some of these ideas to help your social stay fresh, creative and relevant. Infuse creativity: Don’t […]


Nonprofit Partner Post

Personal Campaigns empower your demanding supporters.

Face it: Fundraisers have become finicky. They don’t want to do your event anymore. They don’t want to fundraise at the time of year you’re running your capital campaign. Of course, they still want to help your cause, but now they want to do it on their own terms. The answer to this problem is […]


Nonprofit Fundraising Research

Research on Fundraising Strategies Proven to Work

As you plan your organization’s next appeal or upcoming campaign, it certainly helps to know what has worked—and what has not worked—for organizations similar to yours. Donors partner with your charity to implement the donor’s visions of a better world. Beyond the aspirational language and demonstration of impact, good fundraising takes metrics and good management […]


6 Controversial Marketing Techniques which are Totally Awesome and Ethical for Nonprofits

  Look at the bright side Sure, for-profits usually have big advantages when it comes to big marketing budgets, but there’s an angle that is unique to nonprofits that they cannot touch.Nonprofits can use certain marketing approaches that for-profits generally can’t. Remember the ASPCA campaign featuring Sara McLachlan? If a for-profit created a similar campaign, […]


Want to Know How to Best Help Poor People? Just Ask.

Early this month, Tianna Gaines-Turner testified before Paul Ryan’s House Budget Committee during a hearing labeled as a “Progress Report on the War on Poverty.” Gaines-Turner’s testimony was smart, incredibly compelling, and included solid recommendations on fixing problems with our country’s social safety net. Like her counterparts testifying that day and during previous hearings on […]


Something Doesn’t Add Up: Why the Lack of Women on Boards? Part 2 

Gender diversity on nonprofit boards outshines that of corporate boards. According to the Nonprofit Governance Index, 45% of nonprofit board members were women, compared to the 16% of women on corporate boards. Given that approximately 74% of the nonprofit workforce is female, what do women think about the representation of women on nonprofit boards? The […]