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Third Sector Today is all about leveraging the sharing power of the internet to provide useful, actionable content to other nonprofit professionals who are interested in finding new ways to help advance their causes.


Third Sector Today will accept blog posts from a variety of nonprofit sector experts including Executive Directors, Development Directors, Board Members, Volunteers, Donors, Vendors — If you have a perspective that will help your peers, then the “who” is “you”!


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Where is the legal mumbo jumbo? Here you go: Third Sector Today reserves the right to edit when necessary and share the content with all of our audience and newsletter subscribers with the understanding that the post is not published elsewhere and that provided images are used with proper permissions or are owned by the blogger.  Third Sector Today cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions within the provided post.  Third Sector Today will try to make you and our audience happy and give your post additional exposure via social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin.

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