Nonprofit Social Media: Glossary

Social Media Signs

I’m sure that if someone asked you what “#” is, you’d say hashtag (not “pound” as I used to!). You might also be able to define it as the folks at Socialbrite did, in their very handy  Social Media Glossary:  “a community driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. Often used to aggregate, organize and discover relevant posts.”

And I’ll bet you have had your share of experience with e-books as a convenient way to read anything from a pdf to an electronic version of a printed book on your tablet.  But do you know what a podcast is?  Correct: it’s a digital file you can download to a mobile device to play back at your convenience (like this one featuring Peggy Outon, discussing the 74% Study).

But if  terms like metadata, slidesharing, tweetup and trolls leave you scratching your head, then check out these useful social media glossaries from Socialbrite and IBM.  The former has more of a nonprofit lean, the latter is more business focused; the two complement each other pretty well.

Any other suggestions out there that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you! #comments


  • larry

    This definitely helps. I’m trying to learn the lingo.