Say Yes to Volunteer Insurance

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Do you completely understand your nonprofit’s insurance policy? Have you recently asked “do we really need insurance for our volunteers?”


The answer is “Yes, absolutely!” Accidents happen. Providing a safety net of insurance, for worst case scenarios or minor accidents, protects your volunteers and your organization. suggests “both the nonprofit and/or its volunteers need to have coverage available to provide a defense to lawsuits that have a monetary value that is less than the policy limits — and almost all of them fall within that category.”


Remember, if a volunteer slips on an icy sidewalk and fractures a hip on your organization’s property, your nonprofit can be held liable. Volunteer insurance can cover such costs. The average cost of claims range from $6,000 to $78,000, says Here’s a glimpse of the average cost of claims brought by or against nonprofit volunteers:

  • General Liability - $12,000

  • Auto Liability (with injury) - $6,000

  • Social Service Professional - $62,000

  • Improper Sexual Conduct - $78,000

Volunteers may find nonprofits offering insurance coverage more appealing. Speak with your volunteers to better assess their needs. An insurance representative can help to explore your options for coverage.


Your volunteers are doing a great service, but you have to do them the service of providing insurance.


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