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Are you ready to hire Millennials?

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I’ve told you why you should hire millennials into every aspect of your organization. But not so fast – you have some work to do to get your organization ready for the future.


Millennials like engaging workplaces, great perks and a place they feel valued and appreciated. We are social, educated and cultured and it’s important that our workplaces not only allow us to embrace those things, but encourage us.


Here are a few things you should do before you take on your first Millennial:


Upgrade your technology. No one likes to stare at a crawling computer screen when they’re searching for information or trying to complete a task…especially Millennials. We want fast Internet connections, high definition monitors, sleek (and quiet) computers, instant messaging, and platforms and programs that are accessible from any device. While this sounds like an incredibly expensive task, you can check out grant opportunities in your state or research technology funding groups to finance technology upgrades, or search or free platforms and programs that will suffice until funds are available. And just like large corporations, update your technology pieces over time.


Get a social media presence…even if it’s not great. Anytime I hear about an organization, apply for a job or get a business card, the first thing I do is check out their online presence. If an organization hasn’t gotten onto Facebook, that signifies a bit of instability and is made clear that the organization is young or shorthanded. Social media is a large part of the millennial lifestyle and you should be ready to accept, embrace and encourage that. Even if it’s not the best, that’s okay. We’ll probably want to help you fix it later.


Improve your communication practices. Millennials have access to everything in our lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we Google it. And if that answer isn’t available, we panic. Communication is essential for any successful company, especially when it comes to managing Millennials. Be prepared to schedule regular one-on-one touchbase meetings, invite us to any meetings that may potentially relate to any projects we’re working on, and keep us copied on pertinent email chains. We like to be in the know.


Sure – this sounds like a bit of work. But the payoff will be great. Once you’ve millennial-proofed your company, you’re ready to start the hiring process. Stay tuned for tips on hiring the right millennial for your nonprofit.