Treat Every Day like it’s Earth Day at Your Nonprofit


Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22 and people around the world are getting involved to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. Earth day is a great opportunity for nonprofits to show their support and go green.


Although going green is perceived as rather expensive, there are simple, inexpensive, ways of helping the environment. Some organizations even offer monetary compensation to individuals that go green by recycling.

Funding Factory is a program that collects used inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices, headsets and laptops from schools, charities, churches, community groups and clubs in the United States. They provide free UPS labels and shipping materials and pay the individuals for all acceptable items, regardless of condition.


Staples has a similar program, called the Staples Rewards Ink and Toner Recycle Program.  Staples Rewards members can recycle any ink or toner and get $2 back per cartridge. This reward program helps keep electronics out of landfills, making a significant impact on the environment.


Going paperless is another easy way of helping the environment. Switching to email newsletters is a move many organizations have made to save printing and postage, for example.


In addition, it’s clear that more hands really do make lighter work on behalf the environment. Abandoning paper products for coffee, serving food, etc. in an office setting is a great start. One organization we know sets the example of asking all staff to bring their own mugs, bowls, utensils, etc. for lunches and in-office food. Another step is choosing bio-degradable products when possible. The challenge for nonprofits includes affordability, but much of “saving the earth” relates to good habits. Even a small step is a good start, such as initiating recycling if not already in place.


For more simple tips on going green, check out:



About the author: Rachel Mende, intern at New Place Collaborations, is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. An admitted cheeseburger and Chipotle enthusiast—and reality tv show junkie—Rachel aspires to be a public relations professional.