Grant Alert: Financial Education Grant


Financial literacy is a concept that should be available to one and all.  Teaching even the most basic concepts of budgeting and saving are life skills- and in this economy, nothing short of a necessity.  Teaching these skills to the young, along with the “three  R’s”, is preparing responsible adults.

And Fidelity Investments is interested in finding ideas that will leverage their volunteers and financial expertise to accomplish this. So, they are  putting up $100,000 to fund a great idea that would engage high school students in low-income areas improve their financial literacy.  Ideas are to be submitted by November 7, 2013.  For complete details go to:

Have an idea? Know of someone you should share this with?

For a little inspiration, take a look at a Voices post, where the Executive Director of a nonprofit that assists victims of abuse, explains that when they come to help it’s often the client’s first exposure to financial literacy.

Best of luck!