Kids these days: 3 Reasons Your Hiring Plan Should Include Millennials

Kids these days: Three reasons your hiring plan should include millennials

Millennials are the group of over 80 million people born between 1976 and 2001 that will make up 36 percent of the workforce next year. Not only are they the most educated generation, but they’re ready to learn even more and grow with you and your organization. And while their résumés aren’t armed with years of experience, they’ve got some hire-worthy traits that you should consider.


They’re extremely tech savvy.

Quick to pick up any new devices, platforms or features that are released, millennials find themselves excited for change and know exactly how to adjust their lifestyle to integrate technology change into their lives. Ever watched a millennial navigate across a tablet, mobile phone and computer all while watching television? Millennial minds should seemingly be on overload, but instead, they’re simultaneously coming up with witty tweets, texting their friends and catching up on their favorite shows.


They want to be a part of something impactful.

Millennials were encouraged by their parents to choose career paths that fulfilled them. They want to make an impact and they want to see the results of their work. They thrive on accomplishments and work hard to get there. And while they know times are tough and budgets are tight, they’re constantly trying to find new ways to solve problems.


They’re ready to lead.

Whether they’ve got a business degree, their own business, or just a book of ideas,  millennials are great team players and idea sharers. They’re conceptual in nature, fast learners and are always looking for new ways to learn and grow.


If these aren’t reason enough for you to go searching for a millennial to be the next addition to your team, this infographic from Forbes should really sell you.