Your Nonprofit: A Gift to Gift-Givers

Thanksgiving is now a distant memory (except for those extra lbs. left behind!). With Hanukkah well underway,  Kwanzaa and Christmas nearly upon us—see the countdown clock here-many of us are putting pencil to paper and making holiday gift shopping lists.  And there is always at least one person who is “impossible” to shop for.

Look at fundraising as a gift to give, not an ask

This is an excellent opportunity for your nonprofit to position itself as the most thoughtful gift-for the right recipient.  If your nonprofit helps feed the hungry or shelters families, a $50 gift in the name of that aunt who has everything -and a very high standard of living that exceeds your normal gift price limit -will touch her heart and reduce the gift-giver’s anxiety level! Your organization is offering a great gift to gift-givers!

The pet lover on a gift-giver’s list will get more fulfillment out of knowing that a donation has been made to help a shelter, than to get another singing bass wall-plaque.

Your organization may not have a premium or token to send out, but a simple, genuine note of thanks will do.  And it shares with the recipient just how much that gift means to the malnourished dog, the single mom, or the families visiting your food pantry for the holidays.

Here’s a great piece from Nonprofit Tech for Good that highlights some successful programs, for inspiration!  Happy Holidays!