Giving with Heart


This Valentine’s Day, your organization can help your constituents give gifts that matter.


People love giving gifts, especially ones with deeper meaning, such as Valentine’s Day options from your nonprofit. Offering gift ideas can be as easy as your branded merchandise emblazoned with a simple heart or custom greeting cards with sales benefitting your cause.


And, more importantly, this concept can work for your cause year-round.


Suggest your fans donate to your organization on behalf of someone they love. Here are a few examples:

  •        The World Wildlife Fund allows the public to make donations to help save the lives of animals around the world. The recipient receives a certificate signed by the Director General of WWF, thanking them and their donor for helping an endangered animal’s life.
  •         Shopping on Amazon can provide designated nonprofits with a donation of .05% of each purchase through the Amazon Smile program, showcased in Nonprofit Tech for Good.


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Raising funds and awareness can also provide an alternative to those on a tight budget to celebrate a holiday and, perhaps, have personal reasons for not celebrating Valentine’s Day traditionally. Volunteer opportunities can involve individuals seeking something besides romantic dinners, flowers, and candy.


Your nonprofit can also put social media to work for Valentine’s Day, from thanking donors to sharing some branded messages, photos, or tributes, as suggested by Itechra.


Nonprofit Marketing Blog even goes as far as suggestion the day be rebranded as “Generosity Day” and shares video on the concept.


Putting your own nonprofit’s twist on an event can be a great tool for engagement around most any holiday. The revenue and good will you raise are more good reasons to plan ahead for fun and meaningful ways to connect with your donors and friends.


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About the author: Rachel Mende, intern at New Place Collaborations, is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. An admitted cheeseburger and Chipotle enthusiast—and reality tv show junkie—Rachel aspires to be a public relations professional.