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The Five W’s of CRM Selection



There comes a time in the growth cycle of a non-profit when they encounter a strategic fork in the road. Do we implement a CRM system or do we keep using various spreadsheets to manager our constituents? For many it will be a fork they encounter more than once until the evidence overwhelmingly points them towards the path of CRM implementation.

These opportunities are a time full of excitement and uncertainty. It has been my experience as both an implementation lead at a growing nonprofit and an Account Manager at Cloud for Good that there are 5 key questions every organization should answer before making their decision on whether to implement a CRM or continue to stay the course until the next fork appears in their path. I call these questions the five W’s.

Ø  Who are you trying to manage relationships with?

Ø  What kind of information do you want to track?

Ø  Where do you currently keep all of your information?

Ø  Why do you want to transition into a CRM?

Ø  When are you looking to start using your new CRM solution?

By answering the 5 W’s you will be better equipped to decide if it is the right time to implement a CRM and you will be on your way to capturing the necessary details to facilitate a successful implementation.


When these 5 W’s guide you to choosing that the time to implement a CRM is now the next fork in the road will involve choosing the best CRM to help you achieve your mission. If you are the Nonprofit Technology Conference this year and you find yourself asking the 5 W’s feel free to stop by Booth 1011 and pick our brains about making the move to a CRM.


Author: Danny Rodriguez, Account Manager

Company: Cloud for Good