Playing Devil’s Advocate

Devil Child

If something isn’t broken, why fix it? You’ve always done it the same way, so it obviously works. Right? Wrong. The “We’ve Always Done It That Way” (WADITW) mentality is holding you and your organization back. A fresh perspective shines light on new and better ways to accomplish tasks, or even mission.


Breaking this bad habit is easier than you think. Michael Reardon from offers Four Tips to End “We’ve Always Done It That Way”. Appointing a Devil’s Advocate during meetings and planning sessions is an effective resolution. He/she can openly question proposed plans and offer alternatives without offense because it’s simply their job to do so.


Plan “house-cleaning” days to reevaluate all processes and procedures. Take time once a year, whether it is a day or a week, to sweep out the dusty corners of your organization. It pays off with a cleaner, more efficient work environment. There’s no evil in playing Devil’s Advocate. In fact, it’s pure good!