Nonprofits can go gaga for Google+

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While nonprofits are “Facebooking” and tweeting, many haven’t jumped into Google+. Connecting people in some powerful and targeted ways, Google+ offers can support increases engagement, donations, and awareness for your nonprofit’s mission.

A few features of Google+ set it apart from other platforms, namely Hangouts and Circles.

Hosting a video conference or Hangout engages donors, volunteers, and staff members face to face and makes communication that much easier.

In  4 Ways Non-profits Can Jump Into Google+, suggests nonprofits host exclusive Hangouts with prominent figures or celebrities as a special engagement opportunity: “Your supporters will love the individualized attention of a small hangout that rewards their commitment.”

Take UNICEF, for example. It’s first Hangout  was hosted by Goodwill Ambassador and celebrity philanthropist Mia Farrow. Google+ showcases this Hangout as a case study exemplifying the impact the platform can have. Nonprofit Tech For Good compiled a list of 22 nonprofit Google+ profiles to watch, some of which include prominent organizations like Amnesty International, GLAAD, United Nations, and NPR.

Check out the full list for more inspiration and be sure to add them to your circles. Circles generally trump Facebook for a clear delineation of who’s where in your herd of friends, family,and colleagues. “Circling” allows nonprofits to tailor and target messages to cater to different groups based on interests. Joining circles also allows nonprofits to follow similar organizations and customize newsfeeds.

What’s more, Google apps and resources for nonprofits and small businesses make use of Google+ a breeze, something that can easily be more routine for the Google and G-mail platforms.

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