Pew Study on Teens and Social Media

  The 2015 Pew study on Teens, Social Media and Technology Overview proved our expectations about Facebook’s dominance in social media. Other demographic results were also expected in regards to age and gender, but some interesting economic and ethnic disparities came to light.   With the rise of the smartphone, more teenagers (13-17 years) than […]



Why #GivingTuesday is Mediumly Important

Controversial, I know.   Let’s start with the basics: #GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It is a great way to include nonprofit giving in the post Thanksgiving consumerist rush. This year, it falls on December 1. #GivingTuesday is an important part of any nonprofit’s end of year fundraising strategy… […]


How should organizations respond to national tragedy?

I have a journalism degree from one of the top ten journalism schools in the country. Some of my best friends were in the broadcast sequence and, upon graduation, took jobs with local news stations across the country. Some of them producers, others as anchors, a few as reporters, and even a sports guy – […]


Most Popular Posts for Your Organization

  When you take time to read our Third Sector Today posts, you confirm that we must be doing something right. And we would be remiss if we didn’t occasionally recap popular posts you might have missed. Time to share some of our most read posts so far in 2015!   Fundraising   Always a […]


6 Reasons to Engage on #GivingTuesday

Summer is waning, but, admit it, the anticipation of autumn inspires. The new season signals new plans, tactics, and a calendar full of opportunities. And soon it will be shopping on “Black Friday” and/or avoiding stores by shopping online on Cyber Monday. We ask, then, why not engage on #GivingTuesday?   If #GivingTuesday is not on […]


Measurably Better: Reaching Success in Crowdfunding

  Indiegogo recently kicked off a series of events, including informal discussions with local crowdfunded organizations and several informational workshops to launch Pittsburgh as one of its focus cities for 2015. I attended a workshop with Fygment Productions on how to practically devise plans for one’s own crowdfunding campaign. Active campaigners attended the event at a […]



Mobile Giving and Your Holiday Giving Campaign

I know! It’s beautiful outside and the lake/mountain/ocean/pool/garden is calling your name for the long holiday weekend.  But, the clever fundraiser knows NOW is the best time to get one’s Holiday Giving strategy together. Need more inspiration? Just think how you’ll be able to actually enjoy the holidays this year with a little work done now, while the office is […]



OPINION: Facebook Rolls Out a Donate Now Button for Nonprofits

Having the power of Facebook’s incredibly large audience can seem a benefit to a nonprofit looking for opportunities for greater reach. As Facebook rolls out a Donate Now button for nonprofits to use may seem like just the solution to additional funding many orgs could use.  Or is it?   What are your thoughts on Facebook’s Donate Button?  We […]


10 Experts on Using Real-Time Marketing and Memes for Cause Awareness

Unless you’ve spent the past couple of weeks away on a deserted island (make that a deserted island without internet access!), you have likely seen the “Straight Outta __” meme pop up in your social media newsfeed.  It began as a promotion of the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton” and, such as it is with those lovely little […]