Win a $100 Donation: Look Ma, No Ice!

Announcing: #3STPushUpChallenge

Visit our Facebook Page to find out how you can win a $100 donation from Third Sector Today-and hopefully also inspire you to create a challenge that will get your donors sharing with their social networks.
Determined to Develop is an organization that provides “programs supporting education, orphan care, women’s empowerment, health and the environment… in Africa and the world.” And they are a determined bunch! They won our “First to post” prize, a $50 donation-by posting this video. 
There’s still time for you to win the $100 donation. The deadline has been extended to Midnight, Friday September 12. The organization with the greatest number of likes, shares and comments (The largest number of shares is the winner will be the tiebreaker; the greatest number of comments will be the tie breaker beyond that.)
Be sure to include both #3STPushUpChallenge and #yourorganizationname (e.g., #DeterminedtoDevelop)  in the Facebook Post
Ready. Set. Go!
Anyone out there interested in matching our donation? Please contact me at [email protected]
Need some more incentive, check out this recent post from Kadi about the success of #ALSIceBucketChallenge