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3 Steps Nonprofits Should Take to Prevent Charity Fraud

  By Elicia Tedrow In recent years, the questionable and dishonest practices of a few charities has cast a shadow on the whole nonprofit sector. One of the biggest and most appalling cases of charity fraud uncovered recently is the $187 million fraud carried out by four affiliated cancer charities operating from Tennessee and Arizona. James T. […]


What is it About Collaboration?

Sometimes I feel like my friends and I talk about work WAY TOO MUCH in our personal lives. But then I look around and realize that we all went to journalism school together and have subsequently ended up in mostly corporate marketing departments, so it’s only natural that we bounce thoughts off of each other […]


Top Trends in Nonprofit Communications

The Nonprofit Communications Trends Report has become the annual “go to” source for what’s happening in the world of nonprofit communications and fundraising.  It all starts with Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s annual Trends Survey, open now for 2016 until Monday, November 30.  See the results from the 2015 study in the infographic, below In this year’s survey, […]



Research on Check Out Campaigns: Attitudes and Effectiveness

If you’ve been through a check out lane in the US in the past couple of years, you have probably been asked if you’d like to donate to some cause or other. And you may have noticed, that the frequency and the locations of these have increased. All for very good reason: Check Out Campaigns have been […]


300 Fundraisers Walk Into a Room in New Jersey…

The theme of this year’s Conference on Philanthropy, the New Jersey Chapter of AFP’s annual conference was “What’s Your Story? Tell a compelling story. Engage your donors. Raise More Money”   Clearly, fundraisers have stories to tell, but might need help in finding those stories and finding the right way to frame them.  The event […]


Voices from the Third Sector

Tag-teaming Leadership Transitions

Whether we are talking about board members or presidents, organizations with mandatory term limits for non-executive leaders face significant challenges in dealing with senior turnover that brings new personalities and different leadership perspectives to organizational management. How can nonprofits adapt to these frequent changes in governance without disrupting their momentum and continuing their mission?   […]


Your #GivingTuesday 2015 Prep List

  I bet many of you are out there thinking, “Do I really have time for #GivingTuesday?” To that I say, YES, you do!  The tools and tactics are all at your fingertips. And here’s a helpful #Giving Tuesday 2015 prep list to get you on your way.   Remember that other organizations are taking part […]