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The “Internet of Things” and Nonprofits

Internet of Things


Looking through the tech blogs over the last couple of weeks, there’s a term that keeps bursting off the pages as I read. And while I’m still not completely clear on what exactly it means, I’m fairly certain it’s important for every entrepreneur to know about.


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a proposed development of the Internet that gives everyday objects network connectivity that allows them to send and receive data. Some are calling this the next Industrial Revolution, not only impacting consumers who choose to integrate these objects, but businesses and marketing strategies of all kinds.


The big idea here is data. The Internet of Things will analyze customers and their habits like never before. This will help businesses target advertising, track purchasing and spending trends, and even create on-demand and pull marketing strategies.


So you may be asking yourself what some of these objects might be. Anything from a refrigerator that lets you know when you need to buy more milk to a watch that monitors your vitals throughout the day. The possibilities are truly endless at this point, but it’s so important to prepare for this next phase of technology.


You have to start investing in and paying attention to data. These objects and devices will be able to give you so much data, but if you have no idea what to do with it, you’re going to get left behind. We’ve got a pretty significant number of articles regarding data. Check them out here.


Pay attention to the IoT and all the objects that come with it. Staying on top of this trend is pretty important. Remember when people didn’t think the Internet would ever be a thing? They were clearly wrong and now there’s another revolution on the horizon.


Get your social presence up to active status. Social data are a large part of where the IoT is going. Devices will connect to social platforms and give users the option to share their information with their social networks (while simultaneously sharing it with you). Check out our articles about building your social media presence.


Check out this awesome article (it’s a bit dated) on Nonprofits and the Connected Economy and get connected!