Webinar: How to Interview Strong (from either side of the desk)

As you probably know from having spent any time on this site, we are big proponents of professional development. So, it was very exciting to have Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE, as our guest for a webinar entitled: “How to Interview Strong” or “How Interviewing is Like Asking for a Major Gift”.

Since impressing an interviewer – and getting to “yes” — is similar to impressing a major donor prospect, you’ll also come away with an understanding of the keys to effective major gift fundraising. -Claire

See what we did there? This event will provide meaningful takeaways for those on either side of the desk in fundraising interviews, as well as sharpen skills that can be applied to major gift asks.

A little background

Claire has an incredible amount of expertise from her 30+ years of working in the trenches- and she loves sharing what she’s learned to help others reach their potential. Sidenote: she is one of the very first fundraising experts I contacted when I launched Third Sector Today because I felt her involvement would be a big plus for the audience.

Her site, Clairification is a favorite of mine- and a place with information to motivate nonprofit professionals to cultivate a donor-centric culture at their organizations.  She has contributed useful content to Third Sector Today, Fundraising Success MagazineThe Chronicle of Philanthropy, and others.  Her blog is consistently ranked on our partner site, Top Nonprofits’ Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs and she also happens to be a lovely person with whom to work.

How to Interview Strong for a Fundraising Job or, How Interviewing is Like Asking for a Major Gift

This free webinar was designed to prepare participants to interview successfully for nonprofit jobs and offer insight into the interviewing process from the employer’s viewpoint.

Register and watch the On-Demand Recording HERE

You will learn:

•How to prepare for the interview
•How to avoid common interview mistakes
•What employers are looking for, and how to give it to them
•How to stand out from your competitors
•How attitude and body language will affect your success
•How to handle questions and answers
•How to follow up

Who is this for?

Nonprofit employees looking to advance their careers; Recent graduates looking for nonprofit jobs; For-profit employees looking to transition into nonprofit, and Employers looking to hire.

Watch the On-Demand Recording HERE


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