Get Creative at FC:LA with Fast Company and Third Sector Today!

The marketplace for virtually every single product, service, or mission is saturated. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to have a competitor. So how do you differentiate your organization from all the rest? You get creative!

Third Sector Today is so excited to share an opportunity for you to be a part of the first-ever FC/LA conference. It’s a brand new conference experience that focuses on the impact and importance of creativity in business, technology, design, and entertainment. We’re excited about our relationship with Fast Company’s FC:LA because we get to offer you a special entry discount!

Here are just a few really great things you’ll experience at FC:LA:

Access to some of the top creative minds in the business world. Throughout the two-day event, some of the business world’s most creative minds will take you through visionary ideas and innovative topics that will help to inspire you to inject creativity into your own organization.

A day of off-site deep dives in L.A.’s best neighborhoods. Day one will consist of 25 neighborhood-driven off-site experiences that will bring you into the offices of L.A’s most intriguing companies and studios, and provide an up-close look at what’s happening across the city.

So many amazing keynote speakers and presenters. Day two features a handful of impactful keynote conversations and hands-on workshops. Presenters like Jessica Alba, LeVar Burton, and Los Angeles’ Mayor Garcetti will take you through some of their most creative concepts.

A ton of fun. The conference offers plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy yourself and your time. The conference even closes with a live rendition of the Super Serious Show, co-curated by Fast Company and Funny or Die. Plus, you’ll get to celebrate the 2015 class of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business.

So are you ready to go? The FC:LA Conference is May 6-7. And Third Sector Today is pleased to offer you a special registration discount. Register now with code 3rdsector and save 50% on your registration fee!