Balancing Out the Gender Equation at Your Next Golf Outing

Balancing Out the Gender Equation at Your Next Golf Outing

by Kim Keating, Founder and CEO, GIVE Marketing


NewBridge Services, a northern NewJersey-based nonprofit that provides mental health care, housing for people with special needs, addiction counseling and family and youth services, has been running a successful golf outing fundraiser for its Jobs Plus alternative education program for two decades - with one hitch: The guest roster for the 18-hole golf tournament is largely male.


“That’s not to say we don’t have women golfers or that women don’t like golf,” says Pamela Palumbo, Chief Development Officer for NewBridge Services. “Our hunch is that some women may not play golf on a regular basis, and thus they may be shying away from playing a full 18-hole game.”


Women are among NewBridge Services most important and active donors. “We don’t want to minimize or jeopardize their presence at one of our largest fundraisers of the year,” says Palumbo. The NewBridge Services golf outing is held yearly to raise money for Jobs Plus, which provides alternative schooling on an annual basis for at-risk teens and young adults between the ages of 16 - 21.


To engage the female audience and drive more women to its golf outing, this year NewBridge Services is offering an event within an event that is just for her. “It’s a women’s golf clinic, yoga- for-golf session and health and wellness seminar called ‘Looking Good, Feeling Great, Learning Golf at Any Age’,” says Kim Keating, Founder and CEO of GIVE Marketing, a socially conscious strategic marketing firm that connects businesses and nonprofits to boost funds, drive awareness and achieve a greater good. The program is taking place on Tuesday, October 6 from 3pm - 5:30pm at the Preakness Hills Country Club in Wayne, NJ, and features partners and sponsors like Bloomingdale’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Sobel & Co. LLC, Rebagg, Investors Bank, Matters of Management, Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP, Sills Cummis & Gross P.C., Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group, Inc. and more.


Aside from increasing the number and scope of female attendees at the NewBridge Services Golf Outing, the focus on health and wellness has opened the doors to new sponsors and speakers for this event. “We now have new health and wellness providers actively involved in the program and new sources of donor revenue,” says Palumbo.


Reception to this program has been positive from both females and sponsors alike. “We have over 12 new sponsors and supporters who may not have participated this year if we had asked them to support the Golf Outing only. Now, these supporters are reaching a core demographic that is important to them: affluent and professional women between the ages of 40 - 65 years old. That is the demographic profile for the women attending this event and of our female donors,” adds Palumbo.


When creating events to spur awareness, drive funding or expand donor portfolio, it’s important to know your donor and sponsor audiences inside and out. Armed with insightful information, you can build events around their likes, interests, goals and objectives. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and especially the 55-60 students who graduate from NewBridge Services’ Jobs Plus program every year,” notes Keating.


“The money raised from these events makes it possible for our at-risk teens and young adults to have a second shot at earning a high school diploma and gaining the skills and confidence they need to build and sustain a rewarding and fulfilling life,” says Palumbo.


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