Voices from the Third Sector

What can one person do?

  Several years ago, I left my cushy advertising job to serve the Peace Corps in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world where poverty is a way of life.  Leprosy was still a health concern as beggars felt that having this disfiguring disease was a boon – a way to convince people […]


Safeway Foundation: 6 Steps to “Partner” with a Corporation

Ever wanted to know what a potential for-profit partner is thinking when evaluating opportunities? I had the pleasure of meeting Christy Duncan Anderson at the Cause Marketing Forum in Chicago last spring. As the Executive Director of The Safeway Foundation, she has had the incredible experience of being able to work with and help numerous causes through effective partnering. Conversely, she has also witnessed attempts that inspired her to contribute the following list of pointers for nonprofits on How to Partner in hopes that it can be used as a guide to better direct causes looking for partners.