LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace

LinkedIn volunteer marketplace



LinkedIn, the go-to source for professional networking and job searching, is now a hub for volunteer opportunities. LinkedIn has released the Volunteer Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for bringing together eager helpers and non-profits looking for some extra hands on deck.


“Our vision is to connect every one of our members and employees with opportunities for social impact, and in so doing to create value for both professionals and the social sector,” states LinkedIn for Good.


NPTech For Good shares that nonprofits wishing to post opportunities must pay a fee. However, there is a generous discount: “The service is not free for nonprofits, but it is offered at a discounted rate of 90 percent off LinkedIn’s standard rate for job postings, thus $19.50 for a 30-day volunteer posting.”


600,000 LinkedIn users have updated their profiles with Volunteer Experience. A large number also list career goals involved in the non-profit sector. The Marketplace may prove to be an added venue of recruiting champions to your cause, as well as future board members and staff.


This new venture puts nonprofits in the spotlight along with opportunity seekers. Some early virtual spring cleaning will spruce up that dusty profile with news and updates to attract volunteers and savvy intern candidates who are using LinkedIn to shop for opportunities.