Does the New Facebook “Like” Nonprofits?

Social Media for nonprofits

Are the latest changes to Facebook and its new advertising leaving nonprofits behind?

New timeline designs, privacy preferences, and marketing opportunities offer certain advantages.

However, the recently updated News Feed algorithm automatically awards higher visibility to posts and updates with the most “likes” and “shares”‘.

In addition, posters paying for a prime spot in the news feed will naturally have the most viewed content. Nonprofits with limited marketing funds could more easily get lost in the social media shuffle.

Allison Fine, host of The Social Good podcast at, believes As Facebook Grows Up, Nonprofits Need a New Approach. Fine spoke with Frank Barry, director of digital marketing for Blackbaud Inc., about the recent shift. “

“As the company focuses on the needs of its shareholders and revenue,” says Fine, “…nonprofits have growing reasons to be concerned that their interests will not get much attention from the company.”

Barry agrees, recommending nonprofits leverage social media platforms to draw people to their website, rather than rely on them for donor acquisition and retention.

Facebook is a great place “where everyone wants to hang out,” says Barry. He urges nonprofits to implement a strategy using tailored content that redirects users to the organization website and email list.

“Facebook at some point needs to consider how nonprofits operate on Facebook,” comments Barry.

Do you think the nonprofit sector should have a voice in how Facebook operates? Let us know what you think!

For more information about how nonprofits can maximize Facebook with its new algorithm, listen to the full podcast with Allison Fine and Frank Barry at