Password Security: What Do You Use?

Secure Passwords

How does your organization manage passwords? The answer varies for colleagues and organizations. Password security and management is something that is often overlooked and many organizations fail to properly manage at all.

What do you use?

When we asked colleagues how they manage passwords, we got an interesting array of answers.

  • Oh, I don’t store any of that online. I have a secret notebook.
  • I use the same formula for all my passwords, so I never forget them.
  • My passwords are all organized in a shared spreadsheet so my spouse and I can find and use them.
  • I don’t store anything on the Cloud. Why would I need to do that?

However, organizations need a secure system for passwords and need to anticipate how to avoid any concerns when staff members move on-leaving passwords mysterious stored or when there is a security protocol regarding former employees.

Organizations also need to be aware of data breaches and possible hackers - asking staff to restore their passwords with no possible record of the new password.

In The Best Way to Manage All Your Passwords, Geoffrey Fowler suggest using a different password for every login. However, the number of passwords can add up, but with the assistance of a password manager, it can be easily managed.

Following Numerous Data Breaches, Dashlane And LastPass Apps Can Now Reset Passwords For You examines two apps that protect your information and keep it secure.

Dashlane and LastPass are great online password security apps that allow users to safely store their passwords. If there is a possible breach, both apps will automatically change your passwords for you.

Worst. Passwords. Ever.

Managing your passwords is important, but also having a strong password to begin with can help prevent any breaches. In The Worst Passwords Ever Created, Daniel Solove examines the worst passwords for individuals and organizations. Aside from using ‘12345’ or ‘password’, using your social security number was the worst password ever. It is public information and one of the first things individuals use.

Password Security Help

In Meet Chris Dufour, Cyber Security Expert, Dufour suggests: “Just take appropriate security precautions ALWAYS when storing data in the cloud. Use SUPER-STRONG password strings, don’t hang everything in the same place, and generally make it as difficult as you can for a potential attacker to get over your castle wall. Also be savvy about WHAT you’re storing in the cloud: does your membership know that all their contact information is stored on a spreadsheet that you’re storing in the cloud?”.

Password management may get overlooked amid so many responsibilities our nonprofits. With employees moving on, possible hackers, and data breaches, it is important to be secure. Let us know: how do you or your organization manage your passwords?

James Zackal
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