8 Easy Facebook Engagement Tools

by James Zackal

Is your organization using Facebook but gaining little feedback? While Facebook is a great tool for audience engagement, who doesn’t want to improve feedback?

In 8 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement, Social Media Examiner examines ways to keep your audience engaged, informed, and entertained.


  1. Photos & Video

Posts with images naturally receive more engagement. Instead of providing a link that displays a thumbnail image, upload a larger image or a video clip to get more market traction, while also increasing visibility on mobile devices.

  1. Give a Shout-out to Your Audience

It’s exciting when your post is shared by others. Give that same experience to your audience and share their relevant post. Sharing content can give your organization a push to communities you may not have considered.

  1. Ask Questions

Everyone wants to be heard. Ask your audience to speak up and provide feedback. For example, if your organization holds several events, ask your audience what their favorite time of year is for an event or what their favorite event has been. Poll them using a tool like Survey Monkey if you need more details. You can share that link on Facebook too!

  1. Fill in the Blank

Generate interaction with a short sentence with a missing word. Your audience can fill in the word by commenting.

  1. Photo Captions

Ask for captions for a photo you’ve posted. Setting your fans up to share their wit and humor is a fun form of engagement.


Posting quotes engages the “me too” feeling for audiences. Facebook’s “like” button is an easy way for them to express this feeling.

  1. Like vs Share

This is a fun and interactive game for your audience and a easy poll for your organization. Post a question and ask them to “like” it if they vote A or “share” if they vote B. However, remember that sharing and commenting will be a stronger support for reach.

  1. Hashtags

Provide this searching option to engage wider audiences. Consider how hashtags informing searching and categorizing, but also how a hashtag can be the “key word” for your campaign. Add hashtags to connect your themed posts in larger topics such as #fathersday, #thanksgiving, or #backtoschool, for example.


Try these 8 recommendations over time and let us know how these and others work for your nonprofit..

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About the Author: James Zackal is a writer, music enthusiast, and Netflix addict. A graduate student at California University of Pennsylvania pursuing a Master of Business Administration, he is a writer at New Place Collaborations, LLC in Pittsburgh and a Marketing Assistant at Web Strategies in Winchester.