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3 Tips to Improve Your Email Performance

Email, like direct mail, isn’t going away for nonprofits any time soon. However, all nonprofits need to recognize that supporters and donors are now ONE with their mobile phone and your calls-to-action and donation requests will be seen first most of the time on a mobile phone.


Why Some Email Blasts Fail

Some helpful pointers from Seth Godin regarding “email blasts” Has the term “email blast” ever made you think of a nice, warm, personal interaction with a person?  Probably not.  It sounds more like something that gets detonated and produces damage, than something that builds up goodwill and relationships. Interested in becoming better at email? Take […]


Nonprofit Management: What’s Your New Email Strategy?

Your email provides useful information, increases your supporters’ knowledge of your group. It provides updates on outcomes, appeals and staff changes. And it provides your supporters a way to reach back to you, to further engage and to pass along the email and the knowledge they’ve gained to friends who can become new supporters.