5 Reasons to Consider a Revenue-Driven Model for Your Nonprofit

In a sector reliant on donor funding, nonprofit organizations commonly rely on fundraising to shore up public identity and growth. To improve and become financially stable, many organizations have moved towards revenue-driven models. Providing financial security, this approach allows nonprofits to focus on their core missions by building more diverse streams for revenue. Kevin Davis […]


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7 Tips for Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct mail fundraising is alive and well. According to Blackbaud research, 40% of Baby Boomers (the group responsible for the majority of charitable giving), as well as 52% of donors ages 68 and over reported giving in response to direct mail solicitations. And this doesn’t even account for the influence of direct mail on online […]


Starting Young: Engage Kids in Your Nonprofit

  A few days ago, I saw an adorable story on The Today Show about a well-spoken seven-year-old girl. She was chosen as the winner of the 2014 Sprout “Kindest Kid Awards” and named the Chief Kindness Officer. The “Kindest Kid Award” is in its second year and aims to spotlight young children who are […]


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Leading Change Summit: Day One

Day one of the NTEN Leading Change Summit (follow on Twitter: #14LCS) began on Wednesday with hundreds of nonprofit professionals gathered to find out how they can leverage technology to become better agents of change. Or, as keynote speaker Deena Pierott, might refer to them: Impact Angels. Pierott, is just that type of “angel.” Founder […]


5 Common Online Marketing “Don’ts”

Online marketing and social media can be incredibly effective tools for nonprofits. But the effectiveness can get derailed by some simple- and common- mistakes. Make sure that you’re not making any of these! Listen to Emily Goodstein address five very common online marketing and social media mistakes and advice on how to remedy them. For more advice from […]


Top 10 Things Businesses Need To Know About Nonprofits

Every day, the sector deals with other businesses and questions about the differences between the two. Vu Le, director of Rainier Valley Corps, discusses 10 things nonprofits would like businesses to know in his blog, Nonprofits With Balls, uses humor to shares practical counsel about the most frustrating aspects of nonprofit work. These top 10 pointers […]


I Challenge You to Recreate the Ice Bucket Challenge!

If you’ve surfed social media sometime in the last two weeks, it’s pretty likely you’ve seen a bunch of videos of people – both in your network and not in your network – saying something about ALS, naming a few names, and ending with a bucket of ice water drenching them from head to toe. […]


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3 Tips to Improve Your Email Performance

Email, like direct mail, isn’t going away for nonprofits any time soon. However, all nonprofits need to recognize that supporters and donors are now ONE with their mobile phone and your calls-to-action and donation requests will be seen first most of the time on a mobile phone.


What does the future of the sector look like?

  In the past month or so, I’ve had the opportunity to meet several bright, energetic, enthusiastic and passionate young people who are making the nonprofit sector better in a number of ways. Now-maybe it’s because I’m getting older and bit nostalgic—but I don’t recall being nearly as dedicated to anything (well, at least anything […]