Nonprofit Blog Post of the Day

DC SCORES After School Program

Shout Out out for best Blog Post of the Day….

…goes to DC SCORES.  The Burrville Eagles Part 1: A family of DC SCORES participants is a well-written piece that weaves together the student, adult and community involvement integral in the success of DC SCORES’ program.

Even if I had never heard of DC SCORES before, I would immediately know, from reading this post, what it does, how, where and why.

And–immediately–I could also see how very important the program is to the students, adults and community.  Bravo!

Here are the trademarks of the best blog posts:

  • Well written
  • Easy to read
  • Tells a Story
  • Includes Video
  • Includes Share Buttons

Want to learn more? Here are some Social Media for Nonprofit Tips from  Jake Lloyd of DC SCORES