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Wage Reality of Women in Nonprofits

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Who is the 74%? And why are they not paid equitably?

The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Pittsburgh’s Robert Morris University has been immersed in answering these questions through the multi-year research 74% Project.

The 74% Project takes its name from the demographic tally that also aligns with the reality that for women their time is only monetized at about 74 cents to the dollar typically paid to their male counterparts in the not-for-profit workplace. And research focused on the high number of nonprofits in Southwestern Pennsylvania shows the region’s organizations are wrestling with issues that mirrors those of the entire sector in the US.

The Center shares bi-annual research reports and meetings with regional leaders who are members of the project’s “Kitchen Cabinet.” Now, an infographic poster distills key facts from Bayer’s extensive interviews, surveys, and data analysis—which has including combing the 990s of representative nonprofits.

Peggy Morrison Outon, executive director of BCNM, describes herself as one of the 74%: women working in nonprofits in the United States.

“There is a pervasive truth throughout all of this data,” says Outon of the realities revealed by the 74% Project. “You have a problem if you are a woman in nonprofits in being paid equitably.”

Her center’s compelling research reconfirms that women drive the nonprofit sector through organizations of all sizes throughout the US, but are usually underpaid for their work.

The new poster has been distributed to nonprofits, foundations, government offices, agencies, and opinion leaders through the United States.

View and share the 74% poster link.

To request a printed poster/s for your organization by mail from the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management, email Carrie Richards, Programs Team Leader, with quantity requested and mailing address at [email protected]

Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management 74% poster project by New Place Collaborations and Balistrieri Design.