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#GivingTuesday Doesn’t Have to Stop on #GivingTuesday

 #GivingTuesday-and every day! If you haven’t come up with your Giving Tuesday strategy yet, it might be a little bit too late. It’s Giving Tuesday time and many nonprofits have upped their promotional efforts, their donation sites, and their thank you letters. Some have even come up with creative ways to launch a social giving strategy […]


Nonprofit Partner Post

4 Ways to Improve Donor Engagement

  Why is getting your donors to upgrade such a difficult task sometimes? Getting your donors to upgrade should be at the top of the list for your fundraising program, but upgrading isn’t as simple as just asking your donors to give more—it’s about fostering your relationship with them and becoming an organization that they […]


Preparing for in-person meetings with donors

Maybe you’re an old pro at getting out on the road, kissing babies and shaking hands, but in these days of spending 8 hours (at least!) a day communicating virtually, even your skills might be a bit rusty! If you’re newer, then you may find it quite the leap to go from tweeting out @, # or hitting “send” to the actual face to face.


Improving Nonprofit Team Collaboration: Part 1

Talk about useful tips! Many thanks to PetChance.org founder and career-technologist, Peter Alberti for sharing this look at an incredible, (in some cases, free) online resource that can help nonprofits better manage resources.


The Non-Event Event

What if you threw a fundraising event and no one showed up? Well, that might just be the idea. And if you, your team, and donors have worn out the formal wear it might be something to consider.  A creative and fun spin on the traditional event-the No-Show, Non-Event or Silent Night. The annual gala […]