For the Un-self-Absorbed: The UnSelfie


A movement away from self-absorbed duck faces to a more altruistic social media self-portrait, “unselfies” have arrived. Officially introduced as a participatory element of the second annual Giving Tuesday in December 2013.

Good thing, too, because after this Oscar Selfie, none of us regular folk stand a chance. Thanks, Ellen! It was dubbed “The Selfie to end all Selfies.”


And although “Selfie” may have been named 2013’s international word of the year by  Oxford English Dictionary in December, The “Unselfie” was coming into its own at just about the same time.

A way of highlighting causes an individual supports, taking “UNselfies” was suggested to showcase causes on social media. And searching #UNselfie reveals that a movement was created for Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving highlighting worthy causes and nonprofits, launched by New York’s 92nd Street Y and the United Nations.

For the celebrity to the tween and everyone who falls between those parameters: Here’s the “how to” on staging an “Unselfie.”

1. Start by clearly writing on a piece of paper or whiteboard  what cause or causes you support. 2. You may include your action-”donating today”, “running 5K,” etc.

3. Add the hashtag for your cause (#givingtuesday, #homelesskittens, #hunger, whatever).

4. To selflessly spotlight your cause, hold the piece of paper in front of your face. Or just hold it near your face.

5. Add  #Unselfie and your photo will be documented in the movement.

6. Distribution via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and email completes the recipe.

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See how some organizations are putting “Unselfies” to work on various social media platforms

Facebook: Opera Theater of Pittsburgh #myfirstopera

Instagram: The Bully Project #takeAstand #bullyproject

Pinterest: Examples of #unselfie from many participating organizations

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Visit Third Sector Today’s booth -#422- at NTEN’s NTC’14 in DC on March 13 and 14th. Snap an Unselfie to promote your cause- Tweet it out with the hashtags: #14NTC #Unselfie and (our handle:) @3rdsectortoday.  Get the most Retweets by the Monday March 17 at 5PM EST & win an awesome prize, bragging rights—and have promoted their cause! ( In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen by drawing)