Do Social Media Interactions Actually Help Your Nonprofit?

Signs showing social media engagement including Tweet, Like, Share, and Chat

Sometimes a “Like” is just a “Like”?

It’s a question that has puzzled the ages. Well, maybe not the ages, but at least  the past several years-it just feels like ages. “What does a “Like” mean to my nonprofit, anyway?” “How can a Like on Facebook or a Retweet on Twitter help raise funds?”

Advocacy and activism have seen social media interactions move the needle. At BBCon 2013, we found the session “Measuring Impact of Online Advocacy” really useful in setting expectations for your campaign as well as helping to define metrics. If you missed it, click HERE to read our post summarizing the session.

One of the major take aways: There are those who will be donors today, there are those who may become donors down the road, but only if they are continually engaged and social media offers a tremendous capacity to do that.

Enter The Rise of The Slacktivist and this infographic  from Sortable shared by  While I am not fond of the term, you can see that there are a number of positive outcomes that a well planned social media campaign can generate.

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The Rise of the Slacktivist
Sortable The Rise of the Slacktivist

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