Meet Your Fundraising Goals?

We asked…and you told us. Readers of Third Sector Today and elsewhere gave their two cents’ worth earlier this year as participants in a survey from the Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC). Results just out show that 73% of responding charities in the U.S. and Canada met their fundraising goals for 2014. That is the best news since…well, since 2010 when the NRC started its studies. And just as encouraging is the news that 63% of those surveyed raised more in 2014 than in 2013 (and some met lower goals, even while raising less overall).

But it isn’t sunshine and flowers everywhere. Canadian organizations were less likely to see increases than U.S. organizations, in part because of slower economic recovery in that country than in the United states. Some commentators mentioned specific local economic concerns, including gas drilling in parts of Canada and others.

Even within the U.S. there are regional differences this time, when there often are not. Fewer charities in the U.S. Northeast reported growth in charitable gifts received than in other regions (59% and that was lower than 64% in the same region a year ago). 

In the West, 70% saw increases in 2014, up markedly from the 63% reporting increased charitable gifts in 2013. 

So what is going on? The NRC researchers would love to hear your ideas about what drove this shift. Is the economy in the Northeast growing more slowly? Maybe Western charities are using some fundraising tools-maybe social media or events or even major gift requests-more effectively? 

The NRC tracks changes over time in types of fundraising vehicles used and whether organizational receipts from those vehicles increased, stayed the same, or decreased. The 10 years of trend data can help a charity see what has been working steadily, what has been increasing, and what might be less effective. The report is available at HERE  and special thanks to you Third Sector Today and Top Nonprofits survey participants.


About the Author: About the Author: Melissa S. Brown is facilitator for Nonprofit Research Collaborative and is principal at Melissa S. Brown & Associates LLC  in Carmel, Ind.