The Power of Storytelling with Storify

Pack one powerful punch by combining the strength of all your social media platforms. Storify is where social media comes together to, yes, tell a story! This application affords you a very easy way to enhance storytelling and increase productivity.


Storify helps make sense of what people post on social media.” The easy “drop and drag” format allows you to create a collection of status updates, photos, tweets, videos, articles, and other user-generated content to share with your supporters in the form of a curated digital presentation.


Stephanie Kapera, a contributor to Software Advice, says that the top benefits of Storify are “extending the shelf life of social media content” and “encouraging viral sharing.”


A few nonprofits who have made fantastic use of Storify


Unicef - The organization announced the Sound the Alarm campaign, explained it using multimedia, and then progressively updated the story with news reports and celebrity involvement.


WaterAid - By using links, Youtube videos, Facebook updates, and tweets, the organization built a story to raise awareness about World Water Day.


The Gates Foundation - The Voices of Change campaign shared the foundation’s journey to Dharavi, using compelling pictures and a detailed travelogue.


Helpful Tips to Get You Started


Storify pulls from multiple sites and sources, so be sure to maximize reader engagement by mixing your media. Another great feature that Storify offers is the ability to embed your story on your organization’s website. Don’t forget to do that! And, Julie Dixon, deputy director of the Center of Social Impact Communication at Georgetown University, suggests continuously searching for your content and filling in any gaps “to give context and perspective.” Create a cohesive story by showing AND telling.


Whether your goal is to educate the public about your organization’s mission, raise awareness, share news, or simply engage your audience in a fun, dynamic way, Storify is a fresh approach to connect with your audience.


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About the Author: Aloma Arter is a Media and Professional Communications graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a writer for New Place Collaborations, LLC. A reformed fashion addict, she now spends her time writing, walking her dog, beating her grandmother at Scrabble, and seeking awesome adventures.