Boosting Your Social Media

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Is your organization getting enough “likes”, shares, and comments? Would you like to see better results from your social media efforts? Take time to explore new ways to boost your social media presence and maximize engagement with your supporters.

First and foremost, be sure to have a social media strategy. If you don’t have one, develop one! Whether raising awareness, increasing donations, promoting fundraising events, recruiting volunteers and board members, be clear in your intent. Revise your plan based on your results and the ever-changing landscape of social media. Plan your work and work your plan!

In his article The “Three A’s” of Nonprofit Social Media Engagement, Steven Shattuck advises that nonprofit social media content should always include appreciation, advocacy, and appeals. Shattuck also suggests that you follow the “Rule of Thirds,” when creating your status updates, posts and tweets:

  • 1/3 of posts should be about you or your brand.
  • 1/3 of posts should be about your industry, with content from an outside source.
  • 1/3 of your posts should be personal interactions.

Focus on the resources you already have at your fingertips. Third Sector Today explains how your current followers can assist your social media efforts, in the article Making the Most of Your Social Media Super Users. And, in her article Why Millennials are Your Best Bet for Social Media, Kadi McDonald highlights why it’s beneficial to have this group in your network and how they can help your cause.

Though initially it may be challenging or intimidating, don’t be afraid to try new platforms - you never know where you will find a new audience or potential donors. In my article Social Media Matters for Nonprofits, I featured some of the more popular options, along with a few helpful tips.

When using multiple platforms, make sure your brand messaging is uniform across all of them and that they are complementary of one another. Note: Having one person (volunteer or employee) manage all of your platforms will make this easier.

Remember to be (and stay) interactive. Get to know your supporters and followers on social media. Always comment, follow them back, and maintain a human presence. Building relationships is key to the success of your nonprofit and social media can be instrumental in achieving this goal!

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About the Author: Aloma Arter is a Media and Professional Communications graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a writer for New Place Collaborations, LLC. A reformed fashion addict, she now spends her time writing, walking her dog, beating her grandmother at Scrabble, and seeking awesome adventures.