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What to Do (and NOT do) in a Donor Meeting

Before a meeting, any good fundraiser will do all of the necessary research, develop any collateral material and confirm or recalibrate the prospect strategy developed for this individual. But, when you get to the meeting, what strategies and soft interpersonal skills work best?


Voices from the Third Sector

Life’s Journey Leads to Helping Others Reach Potential

  Gerald Brown has been part of Middle Tennessee’s nonprofit scene for more than 12 years. With his genuine southern charm and easygoing style, it’s no surprise that he knows a lot of people from networking like a star.  And, while his networking ability is key in opening doors, it’s his acumen for cultivating relationships, […]


Finding the Right Fundraiser for your Nonprofit

When you need a new development officer, your organization needs two job descriptions—one for the hiring team and one for the position. Advice from Nonprofit Quarterly’s Simone Joyaux includes comprehensive details on how to prepare the leader of the hiring process when selecting a fundraiser. Supporting the new staffer’s success begins with the interview experience. […]


DC ‘SCORES’ with Social Media

3ST recently had a chance to speak with Jake Lloyd, DC SCORES Communications Manager, to learn more about the tips and tools he uses to keep this diverse audience of children, parents, stakeholders, schools, coaches engaged with his organization.


Bright Idea

You can always count on finding some bright ideas from Seth Godin. Especially after a few days of talking about building up supporters and engaging advocates at BBCon-I find this message is quite fitting. Here’s some food for thought for all of you in the development offices out there!   Coordinate and amplify If you’ve […]