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How to make the list of the Best Nonprofits to Work For

  The NonProfit Times just published its annual report of the “Best Nonprofits to Work For”.  It inspired us to pick the brains of some of the brightest folks we know and get their advice on How a nonprofit can become a place that people flock to, take pride in, and make it onto lists […]


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Third Sector Today was created with you in mind. Did you ever wish you could just stand up and yell over the top of the cubicle to ask another development professional or program manager how they elevated donors to the “society level”? Or how they went about producing an Annual Report? Or how they approached […]


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Volunteers: The Missing Link

Volunteers: The Missing Link in Your Organization’s 360-Degree View When it comes to nonprofit technology, “integration” is an often-used buzzword. As many consultants will tell you, integration between software applications can yield untold synergies and allow you to do more with less. However, when considering synergy-building opportunities, many organizations overlook one of the most valued […]