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#GivingTuesday Doesn’t Have to Stop on #GivingTuesday


 #GivingTuesday-and every day!

If you haven’t come up with your Giving Tuesday strategy yet, it might be a little bit too late. It’s Giving Tuesday time and many nonprofits have upped their promotional efforts, their donation sites, and their thank you letters. Some have even come up with creative ways to launch a social giving strategy that last the entire month of December.

I’m a little biased, but GlamourGals, a nonprofit focused on improving the lives and spirit of elderly men and women who live in senior homes through complementary makeovers and manicures, has partnered with a donor to launch its #GGmovement campaign. This brilliant campaign launches on #GivingTuesday and continues through December 31.

The premise is incredibly simple: See something hot pink (a sign, a lipstick, a sweater, a sofa, a car…just to name a few). Snap a photo of it. Post it on Instagram with #GGmovement. One dollar is donated to GlamourGals. Seriously. It’s that easy. This campaign not only raises money, it creates social awareness of the cause and opens opportunities for more donations to role in. Plus – it’s totally free to take part in.

If you’re not confident in your strategy for Giving Tuesday, here are some pointers to help you get your strategy together for next year:

Partner with a business or a high-level donor. Not only does this open the opportunity for more dollars, a partnership always helps your promotional efforts. GlamourGals teamed up with a donor, as well as its newest partner BeautiControl, an internationally recognized beauty company that offers personalized service, as well as a full line of skincare products and cosmetics.

Use one particular social platform for your campaign. Each social media vehicle has a particular use, a particular audience, and a particular messaging structure. Focusing on one can help simplify your messaging and your purpose a bit better than spreading across social platforms. Obviously promotion should translate across the social spectrum, but the heart of the campaign should live on one.

Focus on promotion. Don’t wait until a few weeks before it’s time for the campaign to start to begin your promotion efforts. You should be building awareness far in advance, communicating your cause to each angle of your organization. Donors, volunteers, board members, employees, should know exactly what’s going on, when it’s going on, and what they should be prepared to do.

Create a catchy campaign handle. GlamourGals reached out to its volunteers and Facebook fans to decide the name of the campaign with the survey function. Choosing #GGMovement was a team effort and it’s something that will live on past its campaign.


GlamourGals (@_glamourgals on Instagram) invites you to Go Hot Pink for the holidays. Add a touch of hot pink to your newsletter. Get your office together and have a hot pink day. Snap a photo of a hot pink nail polish when you’re at the corner store. And don’t forget to share on Instagram with GlamourGals using #GGMovement.