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How does your nonprofit quantify and show results?

  When you work in retail, you hear the words “we’re a results-driven business” probably every day. If it isn’t plastered on the wall in the employee break room, your manager or fellow associates are saying it (sometimes mocking it). The same can be said for any for-profit business. The bottom line: businesses need money […]


Voices from the Third Sector

What About Income Inequality at Organizations Trying to End Income Inequality?

The CEO of a major organization is earning 20 times the income of his line staff, many of whom must rely on public assistance to just get by. Such a scenario would not a big surprise in the corporate world, right? But what if in this scenario the organization in question had as its central mission lifting people out of poverty and empowering families?


Study: Is Nonprofit CEO Pay Excessive?

“Nonprofit CEOs with excessive pay are in the minority, national research group says” It could have been a headline for the masters of satire at The Onion.  At least it may put an end to all of that unseemly gloating about how much your cousin makes as a nonprofit executive in your aunt’s holiday letter this […]


Podcast: Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management

The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management’s 74% Study provides a look at the role of women in nonprofits: how they lead, learn and earn. Free Podcast download to get insight from Peggy Morrison Outon, executive director and founder of this program.


No Male Left Behind: Infographic on Exec Comp

Although some gains have been made in the number of women who are now leading organizations, the statistics regarding compensation are not pretty. Why is it that there is such a lag in compensation for females? Look at this infographic from Guidestar’s report: As the size of the organization’s budget increases, so does the gap in compensation between females and their male counterparts. We’ll be talking about this soon in our first podcast interview with Peggy Outon, Founder of The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management-we’ll keep you posted!