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7 Tips for Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct mail fundraising is alive and well. According to Blackbaud research, 40% of Baby Boomers (the group responsible for the majority of charitable giving), as well as 52% of donors ages 68 and over reported giving in response to direct mail solicitations. And this doesn’t even account for the influence of direct mail on online […]


3 Fun Ways to Thank Donors Online

    You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be sincere in thanking donors. It really is the thought that counts. Many low-cost methods of saying “Thanks!” are available online.   Yes, handwritten notes and phone calls are classic and always a great idea. And candy, flowers, and a great bottle of […]


The Key is to Retain Donors: They’re Not Automatically Yours

Seth Godin, Internet Marketing Guru, shares his observations on the lifespan of “your” customers. In the case of this sector, let’s call those folks “your supporters”. His point is that they are never, truly, “yours”….rather, they are on borrowed time. Think about what it is that your organization doing to keep them with you longer? To share your cause with others? To be an advocate for your group? We’d love to hear your comments!