Webinar: 4 Things you Need to Know about Mobile Fundraising

Are you looking for a way to boost your fundraising, or reach a new demographic? Maybe you’ve heard the terms, “Mobile Giving”, “Text to Give”,  “Online Giving” and just didn’t know what exactly they mean or how they work-and didn’t have the time to read more about it.  Or maybe you are just looking for an additional […]


What happened? 4 Mobile Giving Myths: Debunked!

Are you a nonprofit that is consistently fundraising and seeing little outcome? How important are mobile sites when fundraising? What mobile giving myths are standing in the way of increasing your organization’s mobile fundraising channel? Amy DeVita, Third Sector Today Founder and CEO, and guest Dale Knoop, RAZ Mobile CEO, presented 4 Mobile Giving Myths: Debunked! Dale […]