Top Posts of 2013 on Third Sector Today

Top Benefits of working for a nonprofit

New Year’s is the time for resolutions and round-ups! Third Sector Today only just launched at the end of this summer, but there has already been a very impressive amount of traction with, and reaction to, many of our posts.  To date, we’ve published over 160 posts-with the intention to provide you with easy to consume, actionable content and resources.  In 2014, we hope you’ll continue to visit us regularly, sign up for our newsletter, maybe contribute a blog of your own, check out the offerings of our sponsors—but most of all, we ask that you tell your colleagues about Third Sector Today and help us get the word out!

Taking  an inventory of your digital marketing is necessary in every organization -mine is no different. It’s good to take a step back and look at the numbers-which posts had the most visits? Which had the most comments? What conclusions can I draw from the data to continually increase the quality of the resources we provide?

So, for your nonprofit-reading pleasure, I’ve compiled a short list of the top 10 based on the number of page visits from my Google Analytics report.

  1. Safeway Foundation: 6 Steps to “Partner” with a Corporation
  2. 3 Grant Reporting Tips
  3. Hire Right, Right Now
  4. The Mystery Behind Great Nonprofit Leaders
  5. Grant Beats Button Every Time
  6. Why We Need More Celebrities Like Paul Walker
  7. 4 Steps: How to Pitch For-Profit Partners
  8. 10 Things to Avoid When Saying Thank You
  9. Volunteers: The Missing Link in Your Organization’s 360-Degree View

Thank you to all of you readers, writers and sponsors! Please keep the momentum moving to a brighter nonprofit sector in 2014 and beyond. Let me know what you like, don’t like, want to see more of and so on-this site is meant to be here for you.

Many thanks,