14 in ’14: Most Popular Third Sector Today Posts


It’s been a year for Third Sector Today-the first year, that is. So the site is celebrating its hit-the-ground-running success and the positive engagement of readers and members-that’s you!-since TST was launched in 2013.

Your nonprofit’s goals and aspirations are reflected in the most popular posts on Third Sector Today. As we revisit the Most Popular Third Sector Today Posts in 2014, it’s clear nonprofit readers care about improving outcomes and nurturing staff members. Supporting mission through results-oriented strategies in areas such as fundraising, social media, and branding shines through from the heart of this sector’s work.

Here the posts that garnered the most engagement thus far in 2014. Take a revisit and let us know what you like and what you’d like to see more of as we plan for 2015.

Counting down…

14.         10 Benefits Only Nonprofits Can Offer For-Profits in a Partnership

Readers appreciated coverage of the TST webinar Ignite Your Nonprofit’s Economic and Social Impact which included the recap of Bruce Burtch’s discussion, a book offer for his Win-Win for the Greater Good, a summary of 10 top perks for businesses who partner with nonprofit, and a webinar link.


13.         Five Ways to Give Your Fundraising Strategy an Upgrade

What nonprofit manager wouldn’t like this cut-to-the-chase list to supports dollars raised?


12.       Branding Lessons from…a Groundhog

With the distinction of being the only post using the words “groundhog” and “whistle pig”, my own wry look at how Punxsutawney Phil has built his brand to draw world-wide fans each February 2. Ok, it’s Phil’s handlers, but you gotta give the little guy some credit as he’s bound to do it again in 2015…


11.         Tips on Winning a Corporate Sponsorship for Your Non-Profit

Posts by TST’s resident millennial blogger Kadi McDonald are always timely, but this one focuses on the sometimes elusive corporate sponsorship and how to create a partnership that sings.


10.         More than a Millennial: Abbie Morneault

Kadi’s profile of a young colleague who applies skill-based volunteerism to make a difference.


9.         The Biggest Mistake Nonprofits Make on Facebook

This substantial post merits its top 10 ranking! Don’t you want higher donor retention than the average 27%? This interview with leading expert Julia Campbell by TST Founder Amy DeVita not only features compelling advice for staff and board members but links to a handy checklist from J. Campbell Social Marketing.


 8.         Is it Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-Optimized?

Raz Mobile’s Dale Knoop examines what may be THE question of 2014 for fundraisers: why discerning between a phone-friendly website and one that is really technologically adept to encourage donors and inform constituents wherever they go with their mobile devices.


  7.         The Mystery Behind Great Nonprofit Leaders

Leadership tip sheet and helpful webinar links for leaders of all ages from Shayla Price, executive director of National Search Dog Alliance.


6.         Precious Snowflake Syndrome

A self-help guide from Tara Cunningham, founder of Beyond Impact, to prevent narrow focus and self-absorption in organizations that can benefit from the collaboration and relevance both donors and constituents require.


 5.         12 Tips on Working with Millennial Event Participants

Tactics to engaging millennials via your events and to keep them coming back include “tip-toe” mentoring and recognizing the “it’s hip to be square.” Kevin Wolfe of Donor Drove looks at this important target audience and the work of Children’s Miracle Network. A webinar and transcript link gives this post added value.

  4.         Jobs

Yes, you can find job postings and links at Third Sector Today. And it’s the fourth most popular click from the home page. While you’re visiting TST, you may have a idea to pursue a new kind of opportunity and you can search and post your resume right here.


 3.         Fundraising and Webinar: Fundraising Research Findings

The drive to engage donors drove a tie for third place between the link to ALL TST fundraising posts and the registration link for the next free webinar presented by Third Sector Today and Top Nonprofits on October 8. The Nonprofit Research Collaborative will join Amy DeVita to reveal findings from its newest study on factors that feed donations.


2.         Cause Marketing and Millennials

Millennials care, they really care! This target demographic takes second place with Kadi McDonald’s practical post on what pushes millennials’ buttons to give, get involved, and stay engagement. Even the discussion in this post’s comments are essential!

And the most popular post is really no surprise….


1.         How to Make the List of the Best Nonprofits to Work For

Indeed, TST is constantly examining why popularity as an employer is essential to reducing the dismaying 24% nonprofit sector turnover. When up to one out of four staff members (on average) is on the move, nonprofits must commit to maintaining momentum and drawing the best employees in the market. Amy DeVita asked multi-generational experts their views on what makes “top” nonprofits for the employees who comprise an organization’s heart and soul. Listen up and you, too, can improve the nonprofit in which you live and work.



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Yvonne Hudson, New Place Collaborations

About the Author: Yvonne Hudson, who has written and edited content for TST since our roll-out in 2013, is principal of New Place Collaborations in Pittsburgh. She loves creating mission-driven solutions for nonprofit clients. As a nonprofit staff member, board member, and volunteer, Yvonne has participated in aspects of capacity-building including programming, fundraising, and board and audience development.

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